Paleo diet: an individualized diet

Paleo diet: an individualized diet

What Carbs?

Regarding whether they ate any hydrate, the most common were seasonal fruits (and of their area, of ​​course), such as berries, forest fruits (raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, …).

Concerning today, the main difference is that the largest amount of fruit consumed has a high sugar content, such as oranges, bananas, … and is also exported from other parts of the world to our country.

The most daring caveman, and after discovering it, he would surely go to a panel of bees on more than one occasion and savor the sweet honey, and after which, possibly he would do the 100m faster than Usain Bolt; P
Fat Source

About fats, perhaps some seeds could be put in the mouth in the form of a “snack,” nuts that “caught” when passing near a tree, the same that was ingested from game meat, which included ” everything »(viscera, organs, fatty cuts…).

Plant roots, some vegetables such as carrots (if you could find them …) were usually eaten, but not as the central axis of the diet.


Nuts were other “delicacies” of that time, such as various types of nuts …
Basically, food consumption was limited according to the caveman’s zone of movement, and so to speak, they ate whatever they could ‘catch.’ Few 24H supermarkets there …
Introduction of Agriculture

As the evolution became evident but slow, together with the development of the brain and other cognitive qualities (this would lead to another topic …), the diet would begin to take a new turn.

The introduction of agriculture would mean the greatest change in this regard (as the introduction of agriculture what meant cognitive evolution or the other way around …?).

Agriculutra Paleo Diet

In this sense, instead of continuing to eat mostly meat, vegetables, fruits …, we have started to focus as an axis of the diet, that for which we were never planned to do so, such as the case of bread, pasta, rice, corn, … and of course, adding the decrease in the “effort” to get food.
The passage of hunter-gatherer men to farmers motivated this process of “abandonment” of ancestral customs. Together with the fact of having a land (orchard) that was prosperous for food, it induced the establishment of the population, the formation of societies, and the human race continued to advance until as we know it today.
Paleo Diet Today

To maintain eating behaviors as similar as possible, a current diet “adapted” to what our ancestors would have the following considerations.

One of the most important is balancing the diet in terms of essential fatty acids, especially omega-3, EPA, and DHA.

In current diets, especially western ones, there is a strong trend in favor of foods whose omega-6 content is higher several times than it would be healthy to maintain the correct balance …
Paleo diet: what is it and why is it so famous

Diets are more than a tool to eliminate what is left over, improving the health of the body and defining the silhouette; They are also a way of learning to eat correctly, making it a lifestyle to follow.

When dieting, it is important to acquire new eating habits that allow you to maintain weight, thus avoiding excessive ups and downs that can cause sudden changes in the body. Also that it can meet the specific needs of each person.

A paleo diet is an option that many use to better plan the different meals.

What is the paleo diet?

The paleo diet follows the type of diet that the first humans ate during the Paleolithic era. Hence, this paleo diet is also known as Paleolithic.

At that time, food was based on everything that could be achieved, thanks to hunting, fishing, and collecting seeds and other foods that the earth offers.

With the appearance of agriculture and the branch, other foods, such as dairy products, were introduced into the diet. These products were believed to be necessary to take them, but in reality, they only contribute to the proliferation of diseases, such as diabetes or obesity.

One hypothesis assumes that the modern diet is not made so that the human body can assimilate it correctly.

With the paleo diet, you want to return to the type of diet before the entry of cereals, dairy products, and legumes which, according to the hypothesis mentioned above, makes it difficult for the body to adapt and symptoms of poor health appear.
What Is The Paleo Diet
How the Paleo Diet Works

The Paleolithic diet consists of healthy foods, such as fruit, vegetables, fish, and meat. This seeks to eliminate from the diet, or only by reducing consumption, of foods considered less healthy outside the diet of Paleolithic man.

The objective is that each person can have a healthy and balanced diet based on the needs that he presents individually.
Foods that are within the paleolithic diet

The most important thing in the Paleolithic diet is to be able to fill the refrigerator with foods that are healthy and nutritious.

Excess fat consumption must be eliminated with the help of lean meats from animals that have been raised on free-running pastures, such as wild boar and deer.

The intake of vegetables is very necessary, especially avoiding that they have been treated with pesticides. The same can be said of the fruit, elemental products in any healthy diet.

Although you should avoid consuming fat as much as possible, it is also necessary to eat what are known as healthy fats. These can be obtained through nuts, olive oil, and oily fish, which contain Omega 3.

Benefits of the paleo diet

Many people who have followed an eating plan following the paleo diet have found that their health has improved in a short time.

This diet provides energy, reduces the likelihood of allergies, and is ideal for athletes, as it allows them to withstand the toughest workouts. It also regulates the sugar level in the blood, helps to improve the quality of sleep, is satiating, and allows you to burn fat, ideal for losing kilos.

Within the Paleolithic diet, the consumption of grains is avoided, being perfect for people who have diseases that are already chronic or autoimmune.

These diseases are caused, among other things, by a poor diet. The paleo diet tries to put aside those harmful foods that cause inflammation and irritation, changing them for a healthy and balanced diet.

We can call this an autoimmune paleo diet.
Paleo diet: an individualized diet

To follow a paleo diet, as with other diets, it is important to have the help of a specialist. They must know how to apply an appropriate weekly paleo diet to each person.

Before starting this diet, it is good to carry out medical tests and put yourself in the hands of professionals to adapt the diet to each person. And it is that each body has its specific needs that must be covered.