WF-1000XM3 wireless headphones

WF-1000XM3 true wireless headphones !

The WF-1000XM3 true wireless headphones ranked among our favorites for their exquisite design, excellent sound, and noise cancellation. However, they were not prepared to take them to the gym and sweat the shirt. With the WF-XB700 model, Sony wants to conquer the ears of athletes and those looking for a more affordable price without giving up first-class sound. They are the cheapest true wireless from the Japanese company. What have you given up for it? What do they stand out?

user experience

The Sony WF-XB700 headphones are pretty simple in terms of features. They do not have noise cancellation. By inserting them in the hole of the ears, they prevent you from hearing some ambient sounds, but they are not prepared to isolate you in boisterous environments. This lack is not a problem for individual outdoor workouts or daily indoor activities.

This model is not linked to an app that complements its use, as is the case with other Sony headphones, for example, to increase the volume, adjust an equalizer or check the battery percentage. This last information, if connected by Bluetooth to the phone, tells you by voice every time you put them on (in English) after removing them from the case.

The only way to control everything is through the physical buttons. These are handled comfortably and respond very well to requests. On the left, the volume is raised with short touches and lowered with a long touch. They turn on and off on the right and activate your phone’s voice assistant.

Since they are a bit bulky and cumbersome to put on, sometimes you don’t quite know how to fit them into your ears. Once put on, they sit well, but by protruding so much, they give you a certain Frankenstein air. We have tried practicing exercise, but they have not come out of our ears. However, wearing them for many hours has hurt us in the area of ​​​​the ear hole (when touched, especially).

Sound quality and autonomy

The sound quality offered by this model is excellent. With the added advantage of being a product from the Extra Bass range, the bass is greatly enhanced. The sound is clean, even at a very high volume. Calls are heard without problems, although we have not tested them in boisterous environments.

The theoretical autonomy of these headphones is 9 hours on a single charge and nine more hours with the case. The tests it has given us about eight hours of listening to music on a single charge (some headphones have lasted even longer). When the battery is low, it tells you by voice in advance (independently in each earphone). If it runs out, you can charge them for 10 minutes and get an hour of autonomy.


As a fitness-oriented product, the WF-XB700 will appeal to you with its sleek design (but you won’t find premium materials). Its appearance can be described as discreet due to its black color, with resistant plastic. They are light, although their shape is a bit bulky, and they protrude from the ears more than is desirable. However, when you put them on, they fit well and do not come off quickly, which is essential when playing sports. Four sizes of ear tips (L, M, S, and XS) are included for optimal fit. If the right one is not chosen, they may not fit well or press too much and be uncomfortable.

In the lower outer part of each earphone, a button will be used to control playback and volume and activate the voice assistant of the phone (in our case, Android). In other words, Sony, on this occasion, does not opt ​​for touch zones, which always give the feeling of being less accurate than physical controls.

The case, without being one of the smallest, has acceptable measurements to keep it in a shirt or pants pocket. As with the earphones, it’s not premium plastic, but at least it’s immune to fingerprints; they don’t get marked. The cover is translucent, allowing you to see the red lights that turn on while charging.

If you are looking for headphones with excellent sound and autonomy and can do without noise cancellation, the Sony WF-XB700 is for you (for 150 euros). These are its two most powerful features. Our analysis shows they have been comfortable because they do not come from the ears. However, after several hours of use, they have bothered us, as happens with other headphones inserted so deeply into the ear (something essential so that they do not fall out).

We miss an app, although it is understandable that it does not connect to any since it only has basic features, those necessary to exercise with them, enjoy music, and take calls. It is a good buy, but the competition is brutal, with countless cheaper headphones than these and noise cancellation since almost all technology brands have launched themselves to conquer this market. But its significant autonomy with a single charge and its fast charge are unique features for this price.