Nomu M6

Nomu M6

Thank the company Nomu itself for providing us with this new terminal again to test it and do the review.

In this case, we have the Nomu M6, a phone that comes in a white cardboard box with a photograph of the terminal itself. On the side are the main features of the device.

The terminal is fitted at the top, protected by translucent plastic. Underneath is the card slot key and a mini manual. Also, we have the European charger with 5V and 2A output and a micro-USB cable of approximately 70 cm. This cable has a slightly longer connector so that it can be inserted into the phone more quickly (so not all threads will be compatible).

Design and Screen

This phone, like all Nomu, is characterized by being a rugged mobile, that is, a terminal with protection against water and dust, with IP68 certification.

The design is very similar to other “off-road” mobiles. It is made of an aluminum and plastic alloy with small rubber edges covering the phone’s sides. It is a unibody terminal to which we will not be able to change the battery.

It measures 73.4 mm high x 143.8 mm long and 10.3 mm thick, weighing 180 grams.

The screen is a 5″ IPS LCD with an HD resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. It has Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection to prevent scratches, and the average density is 264 pixels per inch. The functional surface of the screen is only 65%. The screen’s brightness is acceptable, although, in bright sunlight, it could be improved, and perhaps the color range of the screen is a bit below average.

Their frames are quite large on all sides. It does not have navigation buttons, which will appear integrated into the screen. Above is the camera.

The rear area has a plastic finish in which the fingerprints are noticeable. In the center is the camera next to a flash. Just below, we have the brand logo. In this case, the fingerprint sensor is missing both on the back and front.

On the right side, you have the volume up and down buttons and the power on and off. A rubber cover protects the SIM card slot on the left side. In this case, two nano-SIM cards can be added, or, instead of one, a micro-SD memory card of up to 32GB can be included.

Underneath, you have the speaker, the microphone, and the slot for the micro USB cable protected by another small rubber cover. On the contrary, the 3.5mm Jack for the headphones is equally protected in the upper part.


The phone comes with Android 7.0 Nougat multilanguage completely clean, with the primary Google services. It is a version very similar to “Android Stock.”

As soon as I turned it on, I received a security update via OTA (that is, a wireless update received directly on the mobile).

The operating system adds the Google Play application store, Gmail, the Maps application, the Google Chrome browser, Duo… It also adds native Android applications such as a “Mail” app, a calculator, a “sound recorder.” and a file manager.

This version of Android adds the vertical application drawer or menu where we will find all the installed apps. It also has an option to program the power on and off and to share WiFi.

After passing the Malwarebytes antivirus, it has not detected any malicious application. However, I must mention that, in this version of the software, Bluetooth was activated from time to time.

Power and Hardware

This Nomu M6 has a 4-core MediaTek MT6737T processor that works at 1.5 GHz speed. It is a processor with an ARM Cortex-A53 structure and an ARM Mali-T720 MP2 graphics card with a maximum speed of 700MHz. On the other hand, it has 2GB of RAM.

As I turned it on to check the phone’s overall performance, I submitted it to the AnTuTu application (new version V7.0.4), providing a value of 43,530 points. This value indicates that it is an essential range phone.

After testing it for a week and using it both for messaging applications, social networks, and mobile games, it has not given any performance problems. Even playing games, there was hardly any “lag” or application waiting time. However, the reaction and charging time are slightly higher than other phones with better features. On the other hand, after spending 20 minutes playing multiplayer games, the terminal has heated up on the behind. According to the application, in the beginning, the processor temperature was 31ºC and ended at 48ºC. Also, comment that, sometimes, when taking the mobile from my pocket, I have noticed it quite hot on the upper back.

This device has a space of 16 GB of storage. If we remove the space occupied by the operating system and the applications installed, we are left with approximately 11.19GB for our photos and applications. Nowadays, this space can be a bit scarce; the terminal indeed supports the expansion of the storage space with a micro-SD card of up to 32GB; if you choose to do the latter, you will have to sacrifice one of the two sims. The ringtone is quite loud. After a test measuring the sound, it can emit a maximum of “83 DBS” with the call sound.