Pumpkin,eight properties, and benefits of its consumption

Pumpkin benefits Pumpkin for hypertension. This vegetable is very healthy, especially for people with high blood pressure, and should watch the foods they include in their regular diet. Pumpkin is suitable for hypertension due to its high potassium content and shallow sodium content.

Pumpkin to take care of the stomach. The Pumpkin has in its composition with mucilages that protect the stomach lining. Therefore, if you suffer from gastritis, heavy or slow digestion, heartburn or heartburn, or gastroduodenal ulcer, Pumpkin is a portion of very healthy food to include in your diet.

Pumpkin for weight loss. Pumpkin or squash is an ally for overweight or obese people who need to lose weight and are watching their diet to acquire good eating habits. In addition to having a delightful flavor and being able to cook it in many different ways, Pumpkin provides very few calories, but at the same time, it is very satiating due to its fiber content.

Pumpkin to take care of the sight. The contribution of beta-carotene (vitamin A) from squash contributes to maintaining good eye health and preventing or delaying the onset of degenerative eye diseases.

Pumpkin for fluid retention. If you have seasons in which you tend to retain fluids or even have edema, the Pumpkin is a vegetable that can positively improve it. Due to its high potassium content, Pumpkin stimulates urine production and elimination, expelling excess accumulated fluid from the body.

Pumpkin as an antioxidant. Pumpkin contains lycopene, a very powerful phytochemical that has antioxidant action, which delays aging, improves the functioning of the immune system, has anti-inflammatory action, and helps prevent diseases such as prostate or cancer. The more orange the Pumpkin, the more lycopene it has. Tomato is also an excellent source of lycopene.

Pumpkin for constipation. When we do not go to the bathroom regularly, one of the highly recommended foods is Pumpkin. Its high contribution of dietary fiber helps regulate intestinal transit, preventing constipation or improving this condition.

Pumpkin for diabetes. In the cases of people with diabetes or who must watch the consumption of carbohydrates, squash is an excellent option. It is a vegetable with a high water content, a moderate contribution in carbohydrates, and high in fiber. Fiber will help carbohydrates to be absorbed progressively, avoiding blood sugar spikes.

Properties and benefits of Pumpkin

It is inevitable to think of the Pumpkin as that decorative element of Halloween, the terrifying fruit that invades our stores and houses once a year. However, Pumpkin is much more than that.

Source of nutrients and fantastic properties, today we want to introduce you to the best benefits of Pumpkin so that we not only use them as decoration but also add them to your menu and rediscover a complete and healthy food.

5 Pumpkin recipes

Although its best season occurs during the autumn months (especially in October and November), Pumpkin is one of the best foods that activate melanin, among many other properties that we want you to know today.
nutritional values ​​of Pumpkin
Pumpkin is a very nutritious complete food
How can we take advantage of a pumpkin?

There are many ways to get the most out of a pumpkin. If we open it carefully and have a little imagination, we can use it as a decorative element thanks to the legend accompanying pumpkins on Halloween night. The shape of the face can be done either by making cuts in the Pumpkin shell itself or by simply drawing it with a thick permanent marker.

With its interior, we can create a wide variety of pumpkin recipes, from hot or cold creams suitable for all seasons of the year to sauces to accompany food, fruit salads, jams, or even ice cream. Pumpkin is versatile and can be used in almost any dish.

Finally, do not forget the tiny seeds that we see inside. They are pumpkin seeds whose nutritional values ​​leave us benefits such as the ability to eliminate intestinal parasites, their richness in antioxidants, or their power to reduce cardiovascular diseases, among others.
properties of pumpkins
Pumpkins take on a unique role on Halloween

As you can see, all the parts of the Pumpkin can be used, even its skin, thus becoming one of the complete foods and with greater possibilities not only in the kitchen.

Five benefits of Pumpkin

Although Pumpkin’s bench benefits and properties are comprehensive, we wanted to summarize them in five so that you can quickly synthesize the importance of this food.

Rich in beta-carotene: We begin with the first of the benefits of Pumpkin with one that we have just named. Beta-carotene directly affects melanin, activating it and achieving the desired tan much faster. Cold pumpkin creams are the best option to take this food in summer.

Good for weight loss: If you want to start a diet or lose that couple of kilos you have taken on during the holidays, you will have an essential ally in the Pumpkin. Not only is it a food rich in fiber, but it is also hypocaloric and has a satiating effect, three fundamental elements when choosing the foods that will make up your diet.
recipes with Pumpkin
Cold pumpkin creams are a delicious dinner to lose weight.

Good for falling asleep: Pumpkin is one of the best foods rich in tryptophan that Nature gives us. Do you remember the qualities of this amino acid? Tryptophan is responsible for producing melatonin and serotonin, responsible for taking care of and improving our sleep and mood. If you are going through a time when it is more difficult for you to sleep, include Pumpkin in your diet, especially during the meals closest to bedtime.

Excellent for the heart: But not only for this organ, but also to reduce hypertension or regulate diabetes. These three benefits of Pumpkin so crucial for our health are due to the presence of magnesium, a macromineral that we do not usually pay attention to but which is essential for life.

Rich in Vitamin A: As you already know, Vitamin A is good for eyesight, bones, hair, teeth, as well as to give extra help to the body to fight against infections. All these advantages of foods rich in Vitamin A are also found as benefits of Pumpkin.