autumnal Asthenia

How to overcome autumnal Asthenia?

Foods rich in tryptophan

So to raise your spirits, you have to raise serotonin. To do this, you must consume tryptophan through your diet, an essential amino acid precursor of this hormone that acts as an antidepressant. You will find it in: nuts, pumpkin seeds, tofu, eggs, cheese, milk, fish and turkey or chicken meat. It can also be taken in supplements.

autumnal asthenia food
Revitalizing supplements

In addition to a diet rich in vitamins and minerals, during these days of “down,” you may need supplements enriched with vitamins and amino acids or revitalizers such as royal jelly and ginseng.

autumnal asthenia supplements

Exercising regularly will help you generate endorphins and combat the crash, feel better, and sleep better.

autumnal asthenia exercise
Regulate sleep

With the seasonal changes (back to work, school or university), it is convenient to readjust our internal clock and take care of what we eat to sleep better. Go to bed at the same time every day, and soon, calculate that you rest 8 hours to take advantage of the hours of daylight.

autumnal asthenia sleep
Natural light

Take advantage of the first hours of the day with natural light to do outdoor activities such as walking or running. In addition to releasing adrenaline, you will increase serotonin levels and feel in a better mood.
At this time, it is normal that we feel more tired and not wanting anything. It is called autumnal Asthenia, and it refers to those changes that temperature and time make in our body and mind. We bring you the best tricks to overcome autumnal Asthenia.

The most prominent symptoms of this problem have to do with the change of season since we go from the longest and hottest days to something cold and less light. That is to say, from summer, we go to autumn with the various changes that this entails.

Thus we notice fatigue, skin problems, hair loss more than normal, headaches, insomnia, change in mood, anxiety and a tendency to depression.

How to overcome autumnal Asthenia?

There are many things we can do to overcome this problem or at least make it more bearable. Write down the most excellent tips!

Healthy nutrition

First of all, and much more than at other times of the year, you have to take special care by eating healthy. We must protect the immune system, or colds will make an appearance.

We must nourish ourselves with foods rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals, especially A and iron, to be stronger and more energy.

Rest at least 7 hours a day

It is vital to get some more sleep during these months. If we get 7 to 8 hours of sleep, it is possible that autumn asthenia is much better or that we do not notice it. The ideal is to go to sleep earlier to rest the necessary hours. Both our body and mind will thank us.

Additional add-ons

If you need a supplement or additional vitamins, this is the time. Although it is normal to eat well, it is possible that in certain months we need help, so we can take vitamins apart that will allow us to regulate our body much better.

Do activities

At this time of year, and even if it is done at night before, activities can be done to feel a little more useful. Of course, physical exercise should be essential during the week, several days. And to this, we can add other things that motivate us.

For example, it is time to learn, and there are a lot of courses to train us in what we like the most. Or go to a workshop or classes in the afternoon.Now that autumn has started, it is normal to feel the first signs of psychophysical fatigue, which happens to many adults, but children also suffer. We are now talking about autumnal Asthenia in children and how you can fight it.

This is how you can combat autumnal Asthenia in children.

The change of season and the entry into the autumn months can create discomfort of varying degrees in both adults and children. Yes, because autumn sickness also affects children, with symptoms very similar to those of adults.

Symptoms of autumnal Asthenia in children

If you think that irritability and sleep disorders are exclusively adult-related symptoms, you are wrong. Your children can also suffer the effects of the change of season, manifesting ailments of different kinds.

Often, it is the emotional and psychological realm that is affected by autumnal Asthenia in children: the full resumption of activities, the reduction of the hours of sunshine, the change of daylight hours and the drop in temperatures can darken the state of mind of the smallest, generating states of irritability, anxiety and insomnia.

With the arrival of autumn, the little ones can appear in a bad mood, tired and apathetic, often bored and disinterested, Even in playing. At night, children may find it difficult to relax and fall asleep, or they may wake up frequently during the night, prey to states of disturbance.

A mixture of physiological and common situations, linked to the influence on the mood of the change of season.

How to behave to alleviate the phenomenon? Luckily we can resort to natural remedies as well as a good diet.

Natural remedies for children’s autumnal Asthenia

Autumn asthenia in children can be alleviated and countered by using the best natural remedies: simple and ancient solutions, but always effective to help the little ones regain serenity and energy.

To give your body and mind the right boost, trust the power of honey – a healthy and delicious ingredient, useful as a treatment to relieve respiratory tract disorders and as a natural energizer. Indicated in children over one year of age, honey plays an important invigorating and repairing action on the nervous system, helping children overcome the autumn illness and regain momentum during the day.

On the other hand, to say goodbye to the classic autumn fatigue, opt for magnesium-based supplements: on the market, there are specific formulations for children, ideal for combating the feeling of exhaustion of children’s autumn asthenia, calm agitation and increased concentration. And clarity.

To contain anxiety, irritability and sadness, try the efficacy of herbal infusions: chamomile, lemon balm, passionflower and valerian are the right ingredients to relax the psyche and support the mood, even during the dark months of autumn and winter.

And before going to bed, do not forget to pamper your little one with a message based on lavender essential oil: a powerful ally to relax body and mind and enjoy sleep with total serenity.

Nutrition against autumn asthenia in children

Defence against children’s fall sickness also comes hand in hand with the table. As often happens, what we eat directly affects our psychophysical well-being.

When choosing nutrition against autumnal Asthenia in children, make the little ones start the day with a rich breakfast to consume calmly to recharge their batteries.

And for dinner? To alleviate the symptoms of Asthenia these days, make sure it is as varied, light and based on natural and seasonal ingredients. Avoid exciting foods, such as sugar, canned foods, or spicy flavours and, of course, do not drink caffeinated or theine beverages.

Finally, try to anticipate dinner time, at least a quarter of an hour, to anticipate the time when your child will go to bed, thus following the natural rhythms of the winter season.