Two main things stimulate muscle growth:

Two main things stimulate muscle growth:

Just as men and women differ markedly in the ability to develop muscle mass, each of us has a specific genetic potential that conditions this anabolic process.

But if you are one of those who are looking for adequate muscle development that does not harm your health or require “miracles,” then here we are going to give you the main points to consider to maximize genetically determined muscle development.
A look at …

1- Conscious technique: To achieve optimal muscle stimulation, the ideal is not to perform the exercises automatically but to execute the technique consciously and voluntarily. At Vitónica, we have previously described the anabolic technique.

2- Global and localized exercises: The release of anabolic hormones and growth factors such as insulin (IGF-1) that have been shown to influence muscle development significantly should be stimulated with training.

To achieve this hormonal stimulation, it is necessary to perform global exercises such as squats, deadlifts, chin-ups, bench press or others and, at the same time, execute the technique as we have said before, activating few or small muscle groups through localized exercises such as biceps with dumbbells: calves, lateral raises, and more.

3- Series to muscle failure? Although the subject is still under investigation, and each one will have a different opinion, the ideal is not to generate severe neuromuscular fatigue since this will not allow the body to recover to continue producing high levels of tension in the following series.

So far, it has not been determined that reaching muscle failure promotes the release of anabolic hormones or stimulates the production of growth factors, and these substances are essential to achieve good muscle development.

4- Organize the training: It is advisable to plan the training by setting objectives, materials, and techniques to be used and evaluating the processes used. It is also essential to schedule and sequence the workouts, that is, to time each objective and its techniques or procedures.
How does muscle growth work?

You may have tried different types of training and noticed improvements in strength but no increase in muscle mass… so you’ve become unmotivated and maybe even thrown in the towel, right?
But, did you know that …?

When you start training for the first time (especially if you are a beginner), the increase in strength is due to better coordination and the nervous system’s adaptation.
After the first 6-8 weeks, your body can do more repetitions, even if you don’t physically look stronger. However, if you train consistently, your muscles will begin to adapt.
Muscles are made up of fibres that can be made thicker and more robust. After each workout, the body tries to repair muscle tissue.

If you work hard enough, your body adjusts to the new training stimuli, and the muscles begin to grow.

Two main things stimulate muscle growth

structured (and progressive!) Training plan and a high-protein diet.
What is the best time to consume amino acids?

The time you consume them can also support muscle growth, since consuming at times coordinated explicitly with your workouts, you can increase this quality raw material (special bricks) in your blood by the time you train is called hyperaminoacidemia.
Then it can be theorized that:

To a pre or training drink made with these three branched-chain amino acids or, better yet, with the nine essential amino acids

simple carbohydrate like dextrose, or fast assimilating like waxy cornstarch

There is an increase in natural insulin that could favour and at the same time advance the anabolic process and slow down muscle catabolism, which is inevitable during training and stimulation of muscle fibres, but which must be minimized and limited so that the anabolism/catabolism ratio promotes muscle development.

This theory of consuming nutrients at specific times is not new; nine years ago, in the book “Nutrient Timing,” Dr. John Ivy and Dr. Robert Portman published the results of the work of some decades ago; professional bodybuilding trainer Milos Sarcev together with a specific training system helps to precisely using only the amino acids and nutrients necessary to increase muscle mass and recovery time a little faster between gym sessions.