Oppo Find X3 Review

Oppo Find X3 Review

The new Oppo Find X3 Neo arrives on the Spanish market to complete the versatile Find X3 range that recently landed in our country.

A smartphone that comes to position itself in what we could call the high-end sweet spot, that is, those devices below €1,000 that offer a premium experience to the user.

The screen that shines with its light

The new Oppo Find X3 Neo has not kept anything up its sleeve in the multimedia section. They offer everything the most demanding user can ask for in a smartphone of this range and price.

Its screen is one of the jewels of the device, 6.5 inches, with a resolution of 2400 x 1080 on a 90Hz AMOLED panel. That puts before our eyes a high level of sharpness, representation of colors, and brightness that is proof of all lighting situations.

This device allows you to enjoy multimedia content, including HDR, playing games, or browsing the Internet. The experience that it puts in our hands is up to expectations.

We complete the multimedia section with the new Oppo Find X3 Neo sound, where the stereo speakers stand out, with excellent clarity and volume to accompany its spectacular screen.

A small detail we liked is the inclusion of USB headphones along with the device since we do not have a 3.5 mm jack, which we value positively.

Spectacular performance

We come from talking about a high-rise multimedia section, which is accompanied at the same level by the performance of the new Oppo Find X3 Neo. A smartphone that doesn’t run games devours them like nothing.

The Snapdragon 865, together with the 12GB of RAM and fast 256GB of storage, is responsible for this performance display. A set that hides a performance beast under a beautiful design.

We have opened multiple applications, run demanding games, and found no lag or performance drop. Something that, together with the 90Hz screen, completes a fluid user experience for the user.

Putting the focus on the most playful section, we have tested the new Oppo with demanding games of the level of Genshin Impact or Project Cars Go. And at high graphic stories, the gaming experience has been a delight.

Obviously, at such high demand levels, we noticed that the device got hot, but it was distributed over the rear panel. Something that did not prevent being able to enjoy these games in their maximum splendor.

Ultra-fast charging continues to amaze me.

We come to one of the usual sections of Oppo devices, ultra-fast charging, which continues to impress no matter how much we have used it in other brand models.

The new Oppo Find X3 Neo has a 4500 mAh battery and a 65W SuperVOOC ultrafast charge. What does this translate to? Well, at 100% charge in just over 30 minutes speechless.

The device’s autonomy is not far behind if these figures are spectacular. At rest, consumption is almost zero, and in everyday use, we arrive at the end of the day without too many problems.

ColorOS 11 continues to evolve.

The software has always been a sore spot in the Android ecosystem, as not every one is updated with the same regularity. It is, on many occasions, the stone in the shoe for many users. Is this the case with the new Oppo Find X3 Neo?

Well, we must say with great relief that this is not the case since we have Android 11 with the security patch on March 5, 2021, all wrapped in the ColorOS 11 manufacturer’s layer.

If we add to this that Oppo recently announced that it would give three years of updates to the Find X3 range, we can say that in this aspect, we are at the level of other manufacturers. Let’s hope it sets the example.

The only but we have found it in the pre-installed applications, specifically Facebook, TikTok, and Netflix. Being able to uninstall all of them, except this last one. Something that does not affect the user experience, but it is there.

Focusing on the user experience has been positive in general terms. The system’s fluidity has been a constant, and ColorOS has matured enough to offer a level of customization with nothing to envy other user layers.

Enjoyable photographic experience

We arrive at another of the jewels; there are a few of the new Oppo Find X3 Neo. We talk about the photographic section, which I must admit that I have enjoyed analyzing this phone.

Taking all the prominence on the rear panel, we find a set of four sensors. The main one of 50 Mpx f / 1.8, and an ultra-wide angle of 16 Mpx f/2.2, both from Sony.

I am completing a telephoto of 13 Mpx f / 2.4 with optical zoom x2 and hybrid zoom x5, together with a macro of 2 Mpx f / 2.4. Is all this display up to the task? The answer is a resounding yes.

The weakest sensor of all is the macro; however, the rest are there to be used and enjoyed. Be it the primary sensor that offers razor-sharp images and good color representation?

If we talk about the telephoto, a sensor that gives a lot of play, we find high-quality images even using the x5 hybrid zoom. Beyond that, we can reach an x20 zoom, which is not recommended.