Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro

Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro

With a conventional watch aesthetic, Huawei has renewed its premium model with design changes, single size and new materials. Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro already comes with the blood oxygen meter as standard. This function has already become essential for those who want to be up-to-date in wearable features for the wrist and has been released on the Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro. Apple Series 6. Concerning its predecessor, it adds Qi, reverse wireless charging, and a more precise measurement system and keeps practically everything else.

Loaded with features

As a watch to record activity, just like the previous model, it is prepared to monitor more than 100 activities, including the most practiced and others such as swing analysis for golf, belly dance, Latin dance, bowling, American pool and dodgeball, among others. Many more. It distinguishes between running, walking, swimming, and indoor cycling. Aimed at runners, it proposes thirteen routines with different intensities or objectives.

The best Huawei smartwatch has tools related to activity (barometer, compass, stopwatch) and others for health and well-being. Among them, of course, are the heart rate monitor (now records for 24 hours), the VO2max oxygen consumption (which can only be measured during the outdoor race) and the SpO2 oxygen saturation measurement that is already included series (it was released in the previous model through an update), all of which are especially interesting for athletes. The data and even the graphs of these measurements are shown in detail on the clock screen (in the Health app, they are logically seen in a larger and better size).

If you are worried about stress, this watch also registers it and tells you if the level is average or not (you can test yourself to check it at any time). If you want to relax, you open the breathing exercise app that lasts a minute. Suppose you are interested in knowing how you sleep. In that case, the sleep measurement is very detailed in this watch: the Health app tells you what time you get in and out of bed, the time of deep, light and REM sleep, how many times you wake up, continuity of deep sleep, if you go to bed later than advisable and even the quality of breathing while you sleep.

The clock allows you to control the playback of music on your phone, whether it is a song stored on it, Huawei Music or Spotify, for example. However, it is not compatible with third-party apps like Spotify or Deezer. Of the 4 GB of internal memory, 2 GB is available for saving songs. When you are doing sports, it is very convenient to change themes or turn up the volume on the watch since it keeps you from doing it on the phone, and maybe.

Other functions that we have found very comfortable and helpful with the Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro are the possibility of using it to take photos remotely with the phone’s camera (it is only possible to do this with a Huawei phone), the flashlight and talking on the phone from the device itself. The integrated speaker offers more than decent quality; it works well when you receive a call and play music. It’s weird at first, but it’s nice to be able to talk on the phone without having to pick up the phone.

The watch does allow you to read WhatsApp messages on the screen. Still, we would have also liked to be able to open photos and reply to letters (at least with predetermined words or short phrases such as OK, thank you very much, etc.) as other intelligent watches facilitate. It is also not possible to download applications, and you can only install those that come in the Health app included, which are Infinity Loop Lite and Wodpuz, both for entertainment. If you are looking for a watch with an EKG function, this model does not include it.

One of the best autonomies you will find

If you are tired of charging devices, Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro has one of the best, if not the best, autonomy in this type of device: in our tests, its battery has given us eight full days and a half more, with a used medium: setting the GPS for four days (an average of 65 minutes each), receiving WhatsApp message notifications, occasionally measuring blood oxygen level, among other actions, and without the configured screen always being active.

If you need to charge quickly, the battery fills from zero to thirty percent in about half an hour with the small magnetic charging base and to fifty percent In an hour. You have it fully charged in about two and a quarter hours. Being compatible with Qi wireless charging, you can blame it on the same base where you set the phone (as long as it supports this standard, of course).

The bezel-less design, premium case materials, and sapphire display are perfect for dressing up, whether you’re taking it to work or to a fancy party. And at the same time, you can wear it ideally to go to the gym, despite that non-sporty aspect like other watches because it is water resistant, the strap can be washed, and that type of glass is difficult to scratch. Despite the large screen size and the box (46 mm), it has not been heavy for us. With that black strap and that case, it is very wearable by anyone: it acquires a sportier, more minimalist, more classic, more modern look… It depends on the dial you put on it because everything else is very neutral.

It does not have some uses that would enrich the experience, such as menstrual cycle tracking or third-party music apps, but it does have all the ones you need to monitor the exercise. As with Apple devices, some features are only supported on Huawei phones (NFC photo transfer and remote shutter), but we think most users could live without them, and some are not supported on iOS at all (some sphere, remote shutter, photo transfer).