Huawei Watch Fit

Huawei Watch Fit

After wearing the Huawei Watch Fit for a couple of weeks, it’s time to offer more details about this hybrid between physical activity monitor and smartwatch, which also stands out for its affordable price.

The brand opted for a rectangular design in this wearable, which sports a curved screen and a single physical button on the right side. The straps, which can be purchased in different colors: cherry pink, mint green, melon orange, and graphite black, stand out for their softness.

The physical button makes it easy to go to home (single tap), to the options menu (two taps when not on the main screen), and to turn off or restart the gadget (long tap).

The user shows the Huawei Watch Fit.

The AMOLED screen – HD resolution and 1.6-inch size – shows well-defined and accurate colors, no matter which sphere is chosen. Also, the fact that it is curved (2.5D) makes the device look more elegant.

The Watch Fit is comfortable since it weighs only 21 grams, to the extent that it did not bother us when sleeping with it, and using its vibrating alarm system to wake us up in the morning. This can be an advantage over a smartwatch with a more robust body.

user experience

Indeed, it is not possible to download more applications on the Huawei Watch Fit as other smartwatches allow. However, nothing is shocking with the package of apps that it includes.

Its screen is bright enough to display the required information, even outdoors. Thus, it is possible to follow the physical activity data in progress without problems, such as time, heart rate, and distance. Without counting the alerts, the equipment sends in the form of vibrations.

Huawei Watch Fit on a metal base

In other words, the “communication” established between the user and the device is successful in more ways than one.

Also, it is essential to highlight the degree of customization achieved. In addition to being able to select between different spheres with attractive designs (first, it is necessary to choose which ones will be installed from the cell phone linked to the wearable), some of these are modifiable: the information they are going to show is specified.

In addition to the user experience, it is worth mentioning that although the smartwatch is designed to be used independently -it integrates GPS-the connection established with the cell phone contributes to configuring it to each person’s taste.

This is where Huawei’s Health application comes in, which serves precisely as a communication “bridge.” The spheres that the smartwatch will have preloaded from mobile development, the alarms, what notifications you want to receive, and the health monitoring parameters, among other alternatives, are chosen.

Finally, the Watch Fit shows incoming phone calls, but it does not allow you to answer them as it does not have a speaker, as the Huawei Watch GT 2 does. For the same reason, it does not store music, although it allows you to control what is played on the smartphone.
Smartwatch or bracelet?

The Huawei Watch Fit provides a good balance between the watch and the smart bracelet. First, it’s not as expensive as a Samsung or Apple smartwatch, and, in terms of functions, it is located above the simple physical activity monitors.

Concerning its performance, another point that places it in a good position is up to 10 days of autonomy.

Likewise, it goes from 10 to 100 percent charge in about 30 minutes, according to the tests carried out.


The Watch Fit interface is intuitive. The user will quickly become familiar with the options offered by browsing through the different sections.

As main screens, some show the chosen sphere, the summary of the physical activity, the control of the musical reproduction, the state of the time, the stress monitor, and the heart rate. You switch from one to the other by swiping the screen to the left or right.

As mentioned above, the physical button allows you to go to the main menu, which displays options such as Training, Training log, oxygen saturation detection, Sleep, Breathing exercises, Stopwatch, Timer, Alarm, Flashlight, Find phone, and Settings.

Detail of the physical button of the Huawei Watch Fit

Huawei especially boasts its 96 training modes, so it is almost certain that the user will be able to record any physical activity of their choice, from yoga to boxing, wrestling, Latin dance, Frisbee, horse riding, climbing stairs, billiards, bowling, cricket, rowing, and boating.

Likewise, the firm highlights its 12 types of animated exercises aimed at those who seek to take advantage of a short interval of time to activate. These range from 180 seconds to 18 minutes and are as diverse as recharging, neck and shoulder relaxation, full body training, and leg exercises.

Generally, it is easy to navigate through the various tools of the Huawei Watch Fit. It is also helped because it has an elongated touch screen that responds effectively to different gestures.